Younger Next Year

Read “Younger Next Year” by Chris Crowley and Henry (Harry) S. Lodge M.D. for all you “not so sure about exercise” types.

As we age, certainly from 40 on up, it becomes increasingly important to exercise, to stem the tide of premature aging and poor health.

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We all know that the ultimate demise is for us to push up daisies and float about on puffy white clouds listening to baneful harp music whilst looking serene and happy for eternity, but until that judgement day arrives it would be nice to keep a decent quality of life until our tide fully ebbs.

“Younger Next Year” is co-authored by Harry, a medical doctor, who gives chapters of the why’s and what-nots specific to the human organism relating to exercise or lack thereof, followed by chapters from the highly irreverent Chris (a retired lawyer) who puts a realistic and very fun (if somewhat chauvinistic) view of attaining a healthier overall persona.

“Younger Next Year” is written for the over 40’s, with separate versions for the sexes, but the message is predominantly the same. Use it or lose it. Not only use it, but use it regularly.

Cardio and resistance training are thoroughly described along with frequency, and obviously running/jogging is a major player on keeping healthy and stemming the tide of premature aging.