Weight Loss by Running, Exercise and Diet.

I watched “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition” on 6/24/12 and saw the complete transformation of a morbidly obese 49 year old male of 398 pounds to a healthful 198 pounds in only 12 months. His goal was to reach 200 pounds for his 50th birthday. Yes, he lost 50% of his entire weight.

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss

Tony Before and After

It wasn’t easy for him as he split from his non-supportive overweight fiancé after about four months into the program and became homeless. He occasionally was able to sleep on friends’ couches or most often in his car. He did not have a regular job and was seeking to move into a completely new field that required job related training, networking and virtually impossible to do as a heavily overweight person. His 28 year old son was dying from complications of cerebral palsy and eventually died during his yearlong weight loss training regime. Not only was he homeless but near penniless as he only had a $20 bill in his pocket and $38 in his bank account on his 50th birthday.

This man had every reason to give up but did not because the strength of conviction to reach his goal, and the healthful benefits of doing so, were able to outweigh all the negative things happening to him.

Tony at the Gym with Chris

So, how did he physically accomplish the weight loss? He was given a goal to lose 100 pounds in the first 3 months which he was successful at. He did so by controlling his diet to drastically reduce unhealthy fats and sugars from his diet and eat more veggies to feel full. Turmeric can also assist with weight loss. (Prior to dieting he was drinking 2000 calories of juice a day with their huge loading of sugars stored as fat). He was given gym workouts consisting of cardio and weights and pushed to his limits. He also got into running by starting from walking and progressing by interspersing jogging then running until he could run continuously.

Tony receiving Nutrition advice

His second 3 months is when the tables turned and his past life went down the drain. His goal was to lose another 60 pounds at which he was unsuccessful only achieving about a 35 pound loss. He continued his diet and training regime as best he could with all the stresses around him, but he never gave up hope.

Tony running with Chris

His third 3 month went by fairly secretly as he was still very heavily stressed and occasionally getting into his new work mode and a new relationship. He was still living in his car and his son was dying. At the 9 month weigh in he had achieved a huge amount of weight loss into the low 200 pounds region but was still carrying the excess rolls of overstretched skin that made life and running uncomfortable for him. It was arranged to have the excess skin surgically removed and took 6 to 8 weeks before he could continue his training regime.

At his 50th birthday party weigh in, 12 months into the program, a lithe, healthy, smiling man stood in front of a group of his relatives, friends and well wishers to see if he had achieved his goal. Look at the photos to see his jubilation, he had bettered his goal, not only physically transformed but mentally also.

Three months later he was happily and gainfully employed in his new role and proposed marriage to his new, supportive, girlfriend. His overall health is greatly improved, life continues on a joyful note now and he has the bug to continue running and working out to stay that way.

The Old and the New Tony – Really

Running is the way to burn maximum calories for all of us. Happy Trails.