Trail Run – Dungeness Recreational Area, Clallam County WA

A few miles west of Sequim WA is Dungeness Recreational Area, a Clallam County Park. It is adjacent to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge. There is overnight camping and plenty of day visit enjoyment to be had.


Many trails criss-cross the park for scenic walking and jogging. A perimeter loop of 3 miles can be completed with views of mountains, meadows and sea. Multiple loops and/or including the park’s interior trails can increase the distance to suit your requirements.

Hunting has not been allowed at this park since 2012, so it’s safe to visit and jog the trails year round.

4/26/15 my wife and I jogged the perimeter trails in warm almost windless, clear, sunny skies. Ingrid made one circuit and then sat on a bench overlooking the Straights of Juan De Fuca to eat while I did a second circuit.

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Dungeness Spit is one of the World’s longest sand spits at 5 miles and growing. At its eastern end is a lighthouse to assist marine traffic navigating the Straights of Juan De Fuca either into the ports of Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia or exiting to the Pacific Ocean. To the north is Vancouver Island with coastal mountains of BC framed behind. Looking south gives stunning views of the Olympic mountains rising to over 6000 ft in the near distance. East and west is the sea. It’s a pretty idyllic place and protected by the National Wildlife Refuge Service, part of USFWS, for all the diverse wildlife.









Jogging in the refuge is NOT ALLOWED though! Many years ago I was 4 miles into my jog towards the lighthouse when a ranger stopped me from running. He’d chased me down in a 4 wheel drive vehicle along the beach exactly where I’d run. I was unaware of the no jogging regulation at the time and asked him why I wasn’t allowed to jog, was it an insurance issue? He responded by saying; I was damaging the shell fish habitat underfoot. How weird is that????? I was certainly doing less damage than his 4 wheeler and less damage than many considerably overweight people hiking the beach. Anyway, the no jogging rule is still in force. Be warned!!!


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