Sore Joints – Turmeric and Anti-Inflammation

Many runners experience occasional joint discomfort due to the nature of “pounding the pavement” or rough, rocky trails. Mild discomfort is not so bad and can dissipate over a few hours or days naturally. Some discomfort can remain for longer periods and that is your body trying to tell you something!

A lot of people reach straight for pain killer pills and quite often just continue on as though nothing has happened. All the medications do is mask your pain by numbing your pain receptors. So you could end up worsening the situation and not notice until the pain meds wear off.

Aching joints means inflammation. When inflammation is reduced things stand a good chance of healing normally. Whilst inflammation exists the body’s natural healing process is hampered therefore it is important to reduce inflammation, not just mask it.

Turmeric, otherwise known as Curcumin, has been used through the ages for a plethora of health benefits including anti-inflammatory. It is a natural root and used as an additive to cooking. It is extremely low cost compared to pharmaceutical alternatives. For more information about Turmeric please click here.