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Athletes who use their legs such as runners and cyclists can often suffer ankle, knee or hip joint pain.

Whilst correct postural alignment both static and dynamic is ideal, it’s not always possible, and those annoying compensatory patterns allow us to get through our routines. Over time the compensations put stress on our joints and muscles that we describe as pain.

The way to be pain-free is to correct the postural form, but this is not an overnight or short term fix. It requires diligent work to retrain neuro-muscular pathways so muscles have equal pulls around joints, thus holding correct alignment. If you’re not sure what good postural form is all about then please research other relevant pages within this website and consult with a corrective exercise specialist personal trainer.

One way of assisting joint relief is to use supplementation. This is not to be used merely to mask the pain whilst still using compensatory dynamic postural form, but to be used to lessen the pain whilst taking positive steps to correct the poor dynamic postural form.

Analagy: If a door’s hinge is hung badly on it’s jamb frame then it will be repeatedly stressed every time it is opened or closed. No amount of oil will stop it from eventually wearing unevenly or potential failure. If it is hung correctly it will work indefinitely, especially if it is regularly oiled.

Your knee is somewhat similar to that door hinge, the oil is Synovial fluid/ Hyaluronic acid within the joint capsule. Incorrect alignment of knee will stress the joint.

Joint stress = swelling = heat = redness = pain = eventual wearing (osteo-arthritis) = eventual joint replacement if the problem is not solved earlier.

Supplementation with certain products can beneficially affect synovial fluids and articular cartilage to lessen the pain. They will not make you correct your poor dynamic postural form though. They are only a tool in your kit bag to be used whilst you correct your form.

Typical Products may contain Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM plus other ingredients for joint health – click here


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