Sailing and Jogging the San Juan Islands – Cypress Island, Sucia Island, Jones Island and Stuart Island.

August 2012 – A sailing holiday to the San Juan Islands of Washington State in “Simplicity”, my traditional gaff rigged double ender wooden sloop. The weather was perfect for 9 straight days of sun, warmth and bright blue skies. Sailing was mostly slow in light to zero winds except for a couple of days. My wife and I motor/sailed “Simplicity” to many of the islands, taking advantage of favorable tides, and finding good anchorages before rowing our dinghy ashore. Most of the islands and coves we visited had access to hiking trails, some in good condition from plenty of use and some severely overgrown.

                                         Simplicity on anchor in Echo Bay, Sucia Island.

Here are a few islands we visited with access to trails that are OK to jog/run/hikeThere are no vehicles to contend with.

Cypress Island

Cypress Head, Eagle Harbor, Pelican Beach. Good access to a substantial trail system that is well maintained and marked to interior lakes, hills and beaches. Many hours of available jogging to test your skills on narrow, twisty, hilly trails. See the well mapped DNR trails at the following link.

Jones Island

North or South Cove anchorages. Beach access to a couple of loop trails in and around the circumference of the island. Popular with boating campers and canoe campers also. The entire island can be jogged in less than an hour, or a leisurely hike maybe two or more hours.

USGS topographical map of Sucia Island.

USGS topographical map of Sucia Island.

Sucia Island –

Echo Bay, Shallow Bay, Fossil Bay. Easy access to the shore and trail system which is clearly marked, well maintained and will keep you happy for hours. Some sources say there is only 6.5 miles of trails. I can assure you there’s plenty more distance to be had taking in all the “fingers” of Sucia. On a previous visit it took my wife and I 6.5 hours to hike all the trails and we definitely don’t walk as slow as 1.0 mph – not yet!!!! All trails are suitable for running or jogging and water taps can be found at the head of Fossil Bay/Fox Cove campground area.




Reid Harbor seal

Reid Harbor seal hauled out.

Stuart Island

Reid Harbor, Prevost Harbor. Easy access to shore and gravel/dirt road system for your run to Turn Point lighthouse and watch for Killer Whales and freight ships plying International waters of Haro Straight and Boundary Pass. There is also a rough trail to the summit of TipTop Hill (640ft).

English: Map of the San Juan Islands (highligh...

Map of the San Juan Islands.

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