Running Tips: Testimonials

Testimonials: Kind Words From Satisfied Runners

“I had tried running before training with Martin but I could never reach the runners ‘high’. I’d searched the internet for hours looking for running training and guidance to fit my goals. I kept asking other runners questions and set out on my own quest pounding treadmills and local roads. On the day of 12K Rhody run I completed the course in 1 hr 23 mins. I did not reach either my goal or the enjoyment I sought.

In 2011 I signed up for Martin’s Rhody training package. The difference was amazing. All the information I’d searched for years before was all there in his training package along with a complete 8 week training schedule. There was information on footwear, nutrition, how to run, training styles and recovery all there for me. Martin assessed my technique and offered tips on how to improve my running to prevent injury. His training schedule gave me endurance and strength by his commitment to cross training methods. The hill training and intervals were definitely challenging but worked. The goals became attainable and for the first time I really started to enjoy running.

Rhody run 2011 was a fun day, I surpassed my goal astonishingly and finished the same course as in previous years in 1 hr 9 mins. At the end of the race I felt great and have become hooked on running and competing in other local races. I know what the runners ‘high’ is now.”

Sharon M Senner.


“I have been a recreational runner and occasional competitor most of my adult life. During the last 4 years I had been unable to finish a race due to injuries so I decided to try training schedules from Martin Musson. I initially signed up for his 12K Rhody Run program and after great success with that have continued with his training schedules for ½ marathon, full marathon and Orcas Island 25K which is a difficult mountainous trail run during winter conditions. In all the training schedules Martin was able to include time off for vacations or business trips that did not interfere with the overall requirements. I was definitely surprised at how different his training schedule for the mountain trail run was compared to the road runs.

He always included cross training, but the emphasis he placed on core and body strength with quick reactions for the trail run did not seem obvious to me at the beginning. He always includes those darn intervals in all his schedules but his training for the mountain trail race had me pushing myself to the max, jogging up and down a local mountain not once but twice. He makes no accommodation for inclement weather, stating that a race is done generally in all types of weather unless it is life threatening, therefore I had to train in wind, rain, snow, hail, blizzard you name it. But I did so and it paid off. I was not always injury free both in training and in the actual races but I persevered and it paid off with higher than expected results.

Martin also focused on other aspects of my training including diet, hydration with electrolytes, additional protein in the form of a drink for recovery and to combat my dreaded cramps. One of my goals was to complete the ½ marathon in under 2 hrs so I could be at the finish line to watch the winners of the full marathon coming in. I was successful even though I had suffered cramps early on in the race. But Martin had taught me not to give up unless mild pain increases. I hung back for a few miles knowing that I’d blown my chances of achieving my goal then decided to test his theory out. I slowly paced out and found that not only did the mild pain not increase, it dissipated entirely. I found myself running harder than I thought possible and completed the ½ 4 mins faster than my goal.

Martin’s guidance, wisdom, good sense, knowledge and personal attention have given me back my love of running. Without his help I would most likely have been injured many more times and would not have had a chance to participate in some great events. I have been able to move into a new phase of my passion for running. Thank you Martin for all of your help and support.”

Bill Darlington.


“As a person with chronic kidney disease and hypertension, I make taking care of my health a top priority. A huge part of my health maintenance is good nutrition and improving fitness. I have been a cyclist for many years and have recently added triathlons to my repertoir of fitness activities. In 2009 I completed my first triathlon, but I have to admit that running was not my strong suit and I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Last year I was encouraged by friends at the gym to participate in the Rhody Run, but it presented a great mental challenge for me as I wasn’t sure I could cover the distance. To prepare, I attended a running training series presented by Martin Musson at Evergreen Fitness. As a result of his training regime, my technique and running-specific fitness improved and I even started to enjoy it a little.

Martin motivated me to work hard and to do more than I thought possible. I not only finished the Rhody Run, but did it with a smile on my face and a quick in my step! I was hooked and now really enjoy running! I continue to improve my running fitness and find that it is now the foundation that supports everything else I do-improving both my swimming and cycling as well! Another added benefit is that I have been able to reduce the dosage of my blood pressure medication by a whopping 75 percent! That proves that in spite of a chronic condition, the power to improve the quality of my life is in my own hands! Can’t wait to complete the Rhody Run 2012!

Thanks, Martin!”

Vicki Shaver.


“Martin knows muscles and bones.  And he is precise!   He is precise in his observations of body alignment and precise in his suggestions for correcting alignment.   I had tried for two years, (with the help of two different physical therapists), and could not eliminate a pain below my knee.  Martin observed my stance, and gave me exact instructions for keeping my feet parallel, keeping my knee in a particular alignment with my toes,  redistributing my weight slightly to the outside of the balls of my feet, and keeping my head up.  After just two half-hour lessons with Martin I have nearly eliminated that pain.  

I keep his instructions in mind throughout the day and am making progress.  

Thanks, Martin!”

Karen Long.  


“After working with Martin to develop an exercise routine and stretching regime my strength and endurance is increasing. Martin’s therapeutic massage and stretching plan solved my knee issues without reoccurrence and his exercise routine has me headed for the goals I set at the beginning.

Thank you Martin for your expert training and continued advice. You are a true professional.”

Sam Raymor.

Review of my ebook: How To Run For Your Life Pain Free With No Compensations.

This book was far more comprehensive than I anticipated. It covers everything from stretching to body mechanic techniques to myofascial release. The book not only explains what, but why, so I could understand the benefits I am receiving. I am going to buy a yoga roller to treat all the tight muscles I have accumulated as a weekend runner. Who knew there was so much to proper body mechanics? Well… Martin, that is who – trained in both anatomy and engineering. Great book for me, and you. Read it and feel better than you have in years.

By LF  –