Running Shoes: Shoe Weight – Minimalist Shoes.

Modern manufacturing and material choices have made it possible to create very lightweight running shoes and is obviously beneficial. Who wants to drag heavy feet around anyway??

Minimalist shoes are super-lightweight and generally offer little support if you are an over-pronator or supinator. So beware of negative compensatory patterns which may lead to damaged muscles and joints.

How To Run For Your Life Pain Free With No Compensations.

Minimalist running shoes are a hybrid of barefoot shoes and traditional running shoes. They are an excellent way for most runners to ease into barefoot running. They feature extremely lightweight construction, little to no arch support and a heel drop of about 4–8mm to encourage a midfoot or forefoot strike, yet still offer cushioning and flex.

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Typical Minimalist Running Shoe

Typical Minimalist Running Shoe


I recently purchased New Balance Minimus 10v3 trail running shoes and am very impressed with them.
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