Running Shoe Insoles

Whatever running shoe you purchase will have its standard removable insole, except barefoot technology, and has been manufactured to compliment the shoe at least cost. There is a whole array of aftermarket insoles and custom orthotics available to molly-coddle and give extra support to your feet.

  • A decent pair of insoles can make all the difference between an ok pair of shoes and a pair so correctly comfortable they feel like lightweight, supportive running slippers.  There are a lot of different choices of insole by brand name and care needs to be taken in selecting only those designed for running shoes.
  • A non-exhaustive list of stock insoles is given below, but you will need to determine if they will suit your running technique as a natural pronator, over-pronator or supinator (under-pronator).
  • Custom insoles are a delight to wear and a must if one foot strike and roll is considerably different to the other.
  • Specialist running shops usually form fit insoles to your foot and you are under no obligation to purchase them. They are definitely worth trying out on the shop’s treadmill and comparing to the shoe’s standard insole.
  • Orthotic insoles can also be fitted by a specialist podiatrist to keep your running technique under control for minimal damage to muscles and joints. That’s what this insole business is all about; minimizing the potential hazards of repetitive stress through flawed foot / ankle roll and gait, and to keep you enjoying injury free running for the longest time. Spend the money, it’s worth it.

How To Run For Your Life Pain Free With No Compensations.

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Running Shoe Insole Manufacturers and Brands