Running Summer Apparel

Hopefully summer visits you more often than I get to see or experience it here in Western Washington, but on those warmer picture perfect days a pair of running shorts and vest are totally adequate. It is much more comfortable to have wicking gear that passes perspiration through the clothing rather than collecting salty sweat and dribbling down the body. Running shorts come in all shapes and sizes, with or without side-cuts. Many competitive runners use shorts with a high side-cut or split because they are capable of bounding along with lots of leg/hip/gluteal extension and could be inhibited with other styles. Body hugging shorts are perfectly acceptable if they are stretchy and non-restrictive to motion and blood supply, otherwise freedom is desirable. Shorts should include maybe a breathable pouch inner or some form of inner for comfort in the groin area. Running shirts of wicking material can be sleeveless vests, T-shirts or long sleeved T’s for protection from the sun. They can be non-restrictive figure hugging or loose, but preferably not flap. You may like keeping the sun from your eyes by wearing a peaked cap and sunglasses. The peaked cap can be super-lightweight, breathable and not a dark color – which could collect the sun’s heat and boil your brains on a jaunt in Death Valley!!

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