Running Spring and Fall (Autumn) Apparel

Running apparel is as desired, between minimalist summer gear and lighter winter gear based on descriptions on previous pages.

Rain and Wind.

There is no reason not to go running in the rain or wind. It might be a bit of a drag stepping out of dry, warm surroundings initially and the rain with wind does tend to sap body heat away quickly. Running into the wind or side wind is arduous and noisily annoying if you have clothing flapping or flogging; but running downwind is literally a breeze. A heavy downpour will have you soaked pretty quickly, and as long as you can build up enough body heat, and wicking wet clothing is not chafing, your fine, carry on and enjoy the run. It’s best to include a wind proof outer shell as a minimum here, possibly including wind proof outer shell leggings and also depending on air temperatures. Water proof gear is not really necessary because you’re going to get wet from the inside anyway, by sweating. Just get out of the wet gear as soon as you can on return to a dry, sheltered abode and enjoy a hot showe

How To Run For Your Life Pain Free With No Compensations.

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