Kangen Water Machine: Alkaline Water

“Kangen Water® provides numerous benefits which can enhance health and lifestyle. We will look at some of the major advantages of enjoying the fresh tasting water provided by the Kangen Water Machine by Enagic. Through the Kangen Water system, ordinary tap water is filtered, transformed, and restructered through an electrolyzed process into a delicious healthful solution. Kangen Water hydrates, alkalizes, has a high negative ORP, and cleanses. But what does all this mean to you and your state of health? Let us first start by looking through the lens, not into a crystal ball, but into a fish bowl.”

“Many people use the term “Alkaline Water” interchangeably with the term “Kangen Water®”, much the same way people refer to generic “facial tissue” as “Kleenex”.What is “Kangen Water”? Is there really an important difference between generic “Alkaline Water” and “Kangen Water”?  You will discover that there are distinguishing differences.”

“While it is true that “Kangen Water®” is delicious tasting, pure, healthful alkaline water, it is much more than that. The word “Kangen” in Japanese means “return to origin” but the term “Kangen Water®” is actually the registered trademark of a 37-year old Japanese company called Enagic Corporation. Enagic Corporation is a pioneer and leader in Japanese water technology.”

“Kangen Water® Ionizers convert the tap water coming from your faucet into two water outlets. One outlet has a large number of H+ ions while the other outlet has a large number of OH- ions. The water that is strong in H+ is Acidic while the OH- water is Alkaline. Several types of ionized water can be created by a high quality water ionizer.”

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