Running Pain – Pain because of Running

Ok, so most of us are not perfect and we occasionally hurt or get hurt from our activities such as walking, jogging or running.

Here are some links to specific symptoms, treatments and rehab:

Typical runners pain such as shin splints, tight calf muscles, tight hamstrings, tight Ilio-Tibial bands, runners knee, hip pain and back pain can all be avoided by a simple foam wedge placed under the ball of the big toe called SoleMate™ Comfort MicroLifts™ from Prokinetics.

Click on the links to direct you to Prokinetics website and study and survey the different choices of wedged insole and SoleMate™ Comfort MicroLifts™. By using a suitable product you will instantly change your pain level to a lower level and the pain can disappear completely as normality returns to your dynamic postural form.

Also, please click this in-site link for a true story using SoleMate™ Comfort MicroLifts™ .

More traditional methods to reduce pain from running – click here