Running in the Dark – Jogging by Lights

Now that Autumn/Fall is here in the Northern Hemisphere and dark mornings and evenings are ever approaching, we runners need to adjust our attire to cope with the conditions, unless you are fortunate enough to continue running in daylight hours only.

Wear something reflective. A sash or reflective strips on jacket/shorts/shoes goes a long way for motorists to see you jogging nearby roads and in parks.

Use an LED lightweight head torch if you continue running in the woods during darkness or where no overhead lighting is available.

Let someone know where you’ve gone and your expected time of return and your actual return.

If possible run with a friend. This is especially important for female runners during darkness. I don’t think I need to state the obvious safety angle!

With the correct precautions there is no need to quit your running for fitness and/or specific training just because of darkness. Overhead street lights in cities and parks continue to make running possible during all hours.

Dress appropriately to stay warm enough for the cooling weather of Autumn/Fall and Winter.

Running in snow in darkness is fun. Try it sometime.