Prosthetic Runners

English: Oscar Pistorius during 2011 World cha...

Oscar Pistorius 2011 World championships in Daegu

Back from war, survived a land mine, had a serious accident but lost a lower limb?
Thinking activity and life as you knew it is over? It doesn’t have to be. No reason to be sedentary, gaining weight and falling into depression.
You’ve endured an awful lot of pain and suffering but you can still achieve more than you imagine; by running. Yes, running.
The infamous Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius of South Africa uses double below the knees, lower limb, prosthetics and competed in the 2012 London Olympics in 400m and 4x400m relay races against other World class able-bodied athletes. This was not the Paralympics he competed in!! His fame literally went South though convicted in 2014 of the manslaughter of his girlfriend in 2013 and he’s unlikely to perform at the highest levels of sport again. However, he is the most well known prosthetic athlete and has shown the World what is possible.
There are plenty of choices of prosthetic to get you up and running. Check out the C-Sprint by Ottobock and Flex Sprint by Ossur.
Running allows you to burn maximum calories for any given activity, therefore combat weight gain and create endorphin release to battle depression. Put the spring back into life, like the Blade Runner has shown.

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