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Catagories:- Trail Runs, Pain Management, Runners Gear, Miscellaneous

Trail Runs:-

Barefoot in the Pentlands – Scotland

Royal Creek to Royal Lake – Olympic National Park

Deer Ridge 1 – Olympic National Park

Marmot Pass – Buckhorn Wilderness

Mt. Townsend – Olympic National Forest

San Juans, Cypress, Sucia, Jones, Stuart Islands

San Juans, Orcas Island

San Juans, Lopez Island

San Juan Island

Lillian Ridge, Grand Lake, Grand Pass – Olympic National Park

Austin, Texas – Town Lake, Shoal Creek

Deer Ridge 2 – Olympic National Park

50 Mile Traverse of Olympic National Park – North Fork Quinault, Low Divide, Elwha River Valley, Whiskey Bend Road

Mt. Walker – The Ultimate Challenge – Quilcene, WA

Dosewallips Washed Out Road to Dosewallips Ranger Station – Olympic National Park

Olympic Adventure Trail – OAT Run

Olympic Adventure Trail – West End – OAT Run 2

Dungeness Recreational Area, Clallam County WA

South Indian Island Trails – Jefferson County WA

50K Trails, Roads, Beaches – Fort to Fort, Quimper Peninsula WA

Jogging and Sailing South Puget Sound

Dungeness River, Royal Creek to Royal Lake – Olympic National Forest/Park

Crested Butte, Colorado – Trail Running

Quilcene, WA – Half Marathon – Road/Trail

Elwha/Hurricane Hill/Wolf Creek/Whisky Bend/Elwha – Loop Trail Run

Rogue River Trail – 40 Mile Trail Run in a Day

Mt. Angeles and Hurricane Hill Jog – Olympic National Park

Pain Management:-

BEETROOT and overuse injuries

Total Motion Release – Tight Hamstrings

Ease Muscle Pain – Cold Water Immersion

Calf Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Back Pain

Stretch Your Hamstrings, Without Stretching Your Hamstrings

Flat Feet Runner’s Syndrome

Schiff, Move Free, Total Joint Health

Knee Pain? – IT Band & VMO Patella Alignment

IT Band Pain – (IlioTibial Band, Lateral Thigh, Outer Thigh)

IT Band Stretch – Extreme

IT Band – Foam Rolling

Plantar Fasciitis and Treatments

Run Pain Free – Run For Your Life

Inguinal Ligament zone Pain – often signifies hip joint issue – not posted yet

Shin Splints – Lower Leg Pain

Muscle Tears and Micro-Tears

Sprained Ankle

Achilles Tendon Injury – Trail Run, Racing


Runners Gear

MBT’s – Masai Barefoot Technology

Barefoot-Like, Altra Zero Drop Running Shoes

Running in the Dark – Jogging by Lights

What To Wear To Run Comfortably In Any Temperatures

Christmas Presents for Runners

Pyle – GPS Heart Monitor

Running Shoe or Minimalist Shoe

Trail Shoe Review – New Balance MT10v3

Running Shoes – Unbiased Reviews

Nature’s Gym

How to Choose Barefoot Minimalist Running Shoes

Determine Your Foot Type Before Choosing Running Shoes

Running With Prescription Glasses or Contact Lenses or Natural Vision

Miscellaneous – in alphabetic order

12 Amazingly Effective Last Minute Tricks To Get You Through The Marathon.

Bonk or Hitting the Wall

Calories Burned by Popular Exercises

Chia Bars – Super Energy

Cross Training

Endurance of our Forerunners – “Pedestrianism”

Female Runners – Notable Achievements

Fitness Age – What is it

Gait Analysis

Heart Healthy Benefits of Running

How To Properly Run With Weights

How To Recover After Running A Marathon.

Inspiration – Human Spirit – Anyone Can Run

Interval Training – Improve General and Race Performance

Joss Naylor Challenge – The Lake District, UK

Live Strong, Live Long – Can exercise really help?

Mo Farah, Mobot Man

Oprah Winfrey – Marathon Runner

Prosthetic Runners

R2AK- Race To Alaska 2017

Rhody Run’s Fastest Female and Author

Run Learn Have Sex = Increased Brain Cells

Running Adventures – Trying New Trails and Routes

Running with Feldenkrais

Running Jokes

Seven Hills Running Shop – Seattle

Tips To Increase A Runner’s Cadence

Too Much Water Intake – Danger

Victoria Marathon and Half Marathon

Weight Loss by Running and Exercise

Younger Next Year

10+ Provocative Running Tips

2012 – Poem at the Fisher Poets Gathering – Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival