New Trail Running Shoes from Seven Hills Running Shop – Seattle

Seven Hills Running Shop opened it’s doors at the beginning of Oct 2012. Phil, the friendly owner has a specific line-up of quality road and trail running shoes plus related items such as socks, hydration packs etc. My wife, Ingrid, and I needed new trail running shoes for different reasons. Ingrid needed more room in the toe box and likes barefoot style. I needed some tread as my shoes were well past their “life”

Ingrid settled on Altra Zero Drop Trail Running Shoes after Phil encouraged her to take them on a test jog around the neighborhood’s hilly sidewalks.  She tried her actual size and the next size up, eventually opting for the smaller sized pair. She did not stub her toes and liked the roomy feel of the toe box being a neutral runner with no arch problems. Ingrid’s ankle strength and calf muscles are already adapted to barefoot style running, so any break-in period with the new Altra Zero Drops will be short lived.

I tried Altra Zero Drop Trail Running Shoes and was unable to stop my feet from over-pronation due to zero support in the sole’s inner arch.

I next tried Inov8 Trail Running Shoes which I liked because of their ultra lightness and firm gripping treads. The drop from heel to toe was slightly less than a normal running shoe and the inner sole supported my arch. They fit snugly but the upper was too meshy and not supportive for my style of running on rough, rocky slanted terrain. My forefoot moved around in the mesh toe box after the sole’s tread had firmly planted. They would be totally fine on less demanding trails.

I opted for a new pair of my old favorites, Montrail Masochist’s. Supportive, sturdy and great tread. What more could I ask for? New socks? Phil threw in a couple of  pair of “Fitsok” in for Ingrid and I to try out. What a guy!!!

Go and check out Phil and his shop’s mascot, Louie, aka the Trail Pug:-

Marahon shoes

Seven Hills Running Shop           
3139 W. Government Way Suite B
Seattle, WA, 98199
“check them out on facebook”
phone: 206-941-5866
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