Muscle Tears and Micro-Tears.

  • Muscles need to work otherwise they become flaccid, lazy and prone to inflexibility.
  • Healthy muscles have good tone with efficient blood and oxygen supply.
  • Healthy muscles flush cellular metabolic waste adequately.

How do we create and keep healthy muscles?

  • Use them regularly through normal activity.
  • Feed their cellular structure correctly, (minerals, vitamins, water).
  • Train them to withstand heightened loads and/or endurance.
  • Keep them flexible.

What is a muscle?

  • Fibrous tissue that has the ability to contract.
  • When contracting it moves a joint’s bone levers.

How do we create stronger, increased endurance muscles?

  • They need to be challenged above their current condition to create micro-tears in the fibrous tissues.
  • Micro-tears are desirable when actively building muscles.
  • After challenging exercise, proteins within the bloodstream supply much needed building blocks to repair micro-tears as the muscle rebuilds itself bigger and stronger to attempt to withstand that same amount of use the next time.
  • Micro-tears usually make themselves known by slightly tender or painful muscles for 24 to 48 hours after increased effort. They normalize ready for use again without complication. Any longer than 48 hour recovery time suggests you’ve pushed the envelope a bit too far!

Muscle Tears.

  • Are different to micro-tears and come in a variety of seriousness.
  • They occur from sudden overloading beyond that which the muscle can absorb.
  • They are non-desirable!!!!
  • They require time to heal and possible intervention.
  • Healed fibrous tissue is susceptible to future damage because repaired fibers are laid down in any fashion across the tear and do not necessarily correspond with the muscle’s fibrous flow direction. This can be improved upon by seeking breakdown and realignment of those repair fibers from specific therapists. Stretching regimes can also help once the tear has mended.

Bottom line.

  • If you are unlucky to suffer any muscle tear seek intervention to determine its severity, whether it will repair of its own accord or if it may need surgical stitches and reattachment.
  • Rehab the injury correctly.