Mo Farah, Mobot Man

From extremely humble beginnings a young Somali relocates to London, UK with his mother. His twin brother has to remain in Somalia and it is many years before they share their closeness again. Mo finds London hard to begin with as a non-English speaker which impacts his schooling. However he has an inborn talent as a runner and loves football (soccer). His gymnastics teacher notices Mo’s abilities and leads him towards track and cross-country where he soon shows what he can do. It’s not easy though as there are plenty of other talented individuals to contend with and Mo has to make a choice between what he loves, football or competitive running.

As Mo continues to grow he becomes more of a contender and gets recognition. He changes and experiments with coaches and slowly he improves through the ranks.

Talent only gets you so far, the rest is hard work. Mo gets into the record book continually as a junior, senior and adult breaking records. He becomes the first person to Triple-Triple, that is win gold medals in 5,000 & 10,000 meters in the Olympics and Worlds.

Mo doing the Mobot  (Photo Olivier Morin)

The Queen of Mobot










Mo’s speciality is 5 & 10,000 meters but he has many wins at other distances including the first two half marathons he runs. In his first full marathon he achieves 8th and shows great potential for the future at this distance.

His full story is a compelling read of a “rags to riches” existence in which he “pays it forward” to his native country, Somalia, whilst being extremely proud to run for his adopted country, Britain. As a Brit myself I felt nationalistic pride reading the autobiography but Mo’s story is much more than just that.

Check it out. Mo Farah Twin Ambitions My Autobiography