MBT – Masai Barefoot Technology

MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) running shoes are available. They are not actually a sports shoe, but can increase the pleasure of walking or jogging. MBT has developed ‘roll jogging’ which is an innovative training method resembling jogging barefoot in sand; the joints are released and the muscles balanced. Many professional sports men and women utilize roll jogging during their warm-ups, to help speed up regeneration, to optimize their running style, and for speed and power training.

Top teams, world champions and olympic medalists use MBT for training and testify the positive impact on their training and performance. Training with MBT improves: Coordination, Core Stability, Power & Speed, Running Style, Endurance, Flexibility, Recovery and Injury Prevention. Performing on a high level needs to balance all of your abilities. MBT makes training more effective, challenging and gentle to your spine.

Please note; the above comments relate to training wearing MBT’s not actually running a race.