IT Band – Foam Rolling

A very effective way of softening a tight IT Band is using a foam roller as described below.

Lie on the ground on your side with a long straight body, no bending at the waist. Make sure one hip is directly under the other so your pelvis is not leaning forward or backward. The lower elbow should rest on the floor directly under the shoulder with its hand on the floor facing forward. Your top leg can be slightly separated so that the edges of both feet are on the floor or you can stack one foot atop the other (photo above).

Raise your hips high off the ground and quickly insert the foam roller mid-way under your IT Band. Gently roll to find a tender position then stop and stay on it. Raise that lower leg and foot off the floor and support your entire body weight by one shoulder and the weighted lateral thigh. You can rest the upper leg directly against the lower leg for increased pressure on the IT Band or simply find a foot position to rest the upper leg. Place your upper arm anywhere you wish. Neither the upper arm or upper leg should take any supportive load. The entire load should be spread about one shoulder and the pressured point on the one IT Band. It can be painful. If you can, over the next 30 seconds slowly bend the lower knee, (or both), then slowly straighten it, 4x.

After you’ve done this 1x for 30 seconds, take a brief rest, then move the roller one inch up or down and repeat the exercise before switching to the other leg.

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