How Can Running Become A Mental Health Therapy?

Thinking of losing weight, run. Thinking of getting into shape, run, or even if you are thinking of clearing your head, run. Most people ask a question like what running has to do with mental health because, let’s face it, you run with legs, and your brain is on the complete opposite side. Judging from the questions raised by most people, we hardly understand what running has to do with mental health. To understand this and investigate further, a recent study was held, and it claimed that physical and mental health are indeed connected. If you are not physically fit, you can never be mentally fit, and this is the reason we see successful people following a tough exercise routine every day. Your brain has direct contact with all your body, and this is the reason if you get psychically ill, you will start to feel anxious, nervous and you might even lose control over your nerves. All these things further fortify the notion that your brain is in direct contact with your body, and if one thing gets disturbed, every other organ will have to face the impact.

As we have established this understanding that physical and mental health is no different and they are actually connected, we need to understand something else as well. We have seen people who are an athlete or who exercise daily have good mental health. The world we live in nowadays is taking a toll on our minds and body. Most people suffer from major mental distress just because they have to work long hours, and they don’t have enough sleep or enough time to work out. We recommend that everyone who is facing physical or mental distress must also consult a good psychologist; however, we will also suggest that everyone needs to have a good physical routine that they should follow. This doesn’t mean you must pay for a gym membership or have a private trainer at your service; you can take charge of your own body and start a jogging routine as well. According to most studies, just 15 minutes of jogging is enough to help you get through the day and will have a positive impact on your mental health.

Why Is Jogging Better Than Most Forms of Exercises?

We have seen people claiming that jogging or running is not good enough because you are just working your legs, and the rest of your body is not being used. You need to understand that with a gym membership, you might be able to use your whole body, but you are in a controlled environment where you can’t even breathe natural air. Apart from the natural aspect, you will have to consider the financial aspect as well. You don’t have to spend money on gym membership and even on the equipment. All you need is a good pair of jogging trousers, and you are good to start running. If we ignore the financial aspect for a few minutes, we still need to consider that running gives us a sense of freedom. If you like to run or jog, you will be saving yourself the hassle of time management. You can enjoy a morning walk, an evening walk, or you can run on the treadmill in your home. Options are endless, and there is nothing that can stop you. Apart from time management, if you don’t have time to interact with people in real life, you will be surprised how much you can do just because of jogging. We have seen people jog in a group where they interact with each other and even develop a friendship. It is a great way for you to start making new friends and specialize with people. This can be a healthy activity in your busy schedule, and most of us at this time have no time to make new friends. We feel jogging is a great way for you to socialize and be confident. This also helps you develop acceptance towards your body, and you can start accepting your body as well.

How Can Running Become A Therapy?

There is no doubt about the fact that running can improve your mental health and it can protect you from getting everything on your nerves. While running, most people think this will help them clear their head, and it is true. According to spiritual healers, everything around us is made of energy, and so our body and our mentions also have energy. Some emotions have negative energy, whereas others have positive energy, and with all kinds of energies floating around us, we need to understand how we are exerting our energy. Anger, mental distress, and depression is negative energy, and we can use the same energy to either break something or exert it through physical performance. We have seen people exerting negative energy easily via physical performance. We have seen people getting a euphoric rush when they run, and even you can experience it in real life. According to studies, if we see a brain scan, we can see the energy change in the areas that deal with emotions. We have also seen that people who engage in running have better long-term memory, and this is due to the effect on the hippocampus. Hippocampus is not only related to memory but also to emotions, and this can further be clarified if you look closely into the brain scan of people who suffer from progressive memory loss issues. People who are depressed, have dementia or have any cognitive impairment have this area affected. If you have some issues related to emotional disturbance in memory, you can get on a 12 to 16-week running spree, and you will see that there is a difference in volume in your hippocampus region. This means better short-term memory, and by repeating the running exercises every day for just 10 minutes, you can have better emotional processing as well.

Benefits of Running on Mental Health

Now that you understand the effect of running on the brain and its function, you can see what kind of effect it will have on someone who is developing emotionally as well. In most cases, people can’t point out if these effects are because of running daily or they are due to some other reason, but we have seen that people who jog regularly develop few good habits, and they are quite noticeable. Some of these have been listed for further understanding as well.


There is no doubt that you will notice that with better physical exercises you will have a better mood. Your body will learn a good way to exert energy, and you will have a better way to channel all your negative energy. As a result, you are stimulating all the happy hormones in your body, and once they start to realize, you will sleep better, your appetite will be better, and your mood will also get better.

Stress Relieve

Jogging and running is a good way of stress-relieving. Your physical exertion helps you clear your head, and you learn to think fresh. Most people explain the stress-relieving factor as runner’s high because that is when a person feels like he has positive energy in him and he is happy and euphoric.

Self Esteem

Your self-esteem has a direct impact on the way you think and feels about your life. We have seen people getting upset because they have low self-esteem, and if you are thinking about how it is linked to jogging, you might want to understand the process first. As you get better and build your stamina, you will see that your basic idea of confidence changes and you feel a boost in your self-esteem as a result.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a direct link with running, we have seen that people who like to sit at one side and clear their mind usually think deeply, and they perceive things differently as well. The same is the case with people who like to run to clear their minds. When you clear your mind, you are able to think better, and this means you come up with a different perspective of life.

Guest Post by James Wilson, Born Tough | Elite Sports