Hip Pain – Inguinal Zone, Back or Leg

Inguinal zone pain can be a precursor to hip joint issues, among many other things. The inguinal ligament lies deep within the groin area; which is where your abdomen meets your legs.

Hip Problems excerpted from: How To Run For Your Life. Pain Free With No Compensations.


Piriformis Syndrome (False Sciatica)

The piriformis is one of six hip lateral rotator muscles beneath the gluteus muscles. It is responsible with its counterparts for external rotation of the hip which turns the leg outwards. The sciatic nerve passes by piriformis and its partner, gemellus superior, and can become impinged due to chronic tightness of the surrounding muscles. This nerve irritation causes leg pain and low-back pain and is an uncomfortable running partner. A chiropractic visit may help, especially if followed with therapeutic deep massage to the tight muscles to initiate stretching or release of the chronic tightness.


  • Therapeutic deep tissue massage with resistive stretching to piriformis/gemellus superior.

Corrective Exercises:

  • Stretch and foam-roll glute/piriformis zone.
  • Strengthen weak hip external rotators.

Core/Deep Abdomen

The core has between 29-35 muscles attached to the lumbo-pelvic hip complex. Approximately half are responsible for the movement system of our body, giving us the abilities of flexing, extending, side-bending and twisting. They are nearer the skin surface, tire quickly and are in use regularly. The other half are the stabilizing endurance muscles and they are deeper in. They too are involved in complex movements, but help stabilize leg control as well. They are important to keep in active, healthful condition because we tend to use them less and less as we age. A strong deep core will assist in keeping your hips neutral, protect your low back, improve overall balance and allow you to use other muscles to the best of their abilities.

Self-Help: Use all strengthening exercises that target the deep abdomen or stabilizing core, including single-leg balance.

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