FITNESS AGE – What is it?

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Definition: Fitness Age reflects an average healthy person of that chronological age.


heart cardioHow: VO2max, the maximum amount of oxygen your body can assimilate and use, is a strong indicator of your cardiovascular health.

High VO2max indicates a stronger, healthier cardiovascular system whereas low VO2max indicates a compromised cardiovascular system with potentially serious consequences.


science of runningScience: A Norwegian medical university has come up with a simple question and answer format to determine your Fitness Age based on personal input data. Their study was tested on 4,600 healthy people aged 20 through 90.

The results give a VO2max number which correlates with an age that could be lower (or higher) than your chronological age. This is your Fitness Age.

The researchers checked to see if VO2max actually correlated with lifespan by analyzing Fitness Age and chronologic age of over 55,000 people and found a high propensity for VO2max and projected lifespan.


vo2maxchart1Results: Poor or low VO2max indicates higher risk of cardiovascular issues and if your Fitness Age is not as low as you would like you can change it by exercising more and taxing your cardiopulmonary systems. This should increase your VO2max, thus lowering your Fitness Age, and probably increase lifespan.


 Find your Fitness Age: Click Here.


My own Fitness Age is 18 years younger than my chronological age. What’s yours?


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