Female Runners – Notable Achievements.


Roberta Louise “Bobbi” Gibb is the first woman to have run the entire Boston Marathon (1966). She is the pre-sanctioned era women’s winner in 1966, 1967, and 1968. Gibb’s run in 1966 challenged prevalent prejudices and misconceptions about women’s athletic capabilities and set the stage for all future sanctioned running events longer than 1.5 miles. She ran as an unregistered competitor.

Katherine Switzer made world headlines by competing in the 1967 Boston Marathon as a registered competitor. Race official Jock Semple attempted to remove her from the race, by shouting, “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers.” However, Switzer’s boyfriend Tom Miller, who was running with her, shoved Semple aside and sent him flying. The photographs taken of the incident made world headlines. She was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2011 for creating a social revolution by empowering women around the world through running.

Una de las primeras mujeres en correr una mara...

Katherine Switzer (Boston, 1967)

Paula Radcliffe is the world’s current fastest marathoner with a host of wins and world records at middle distance and cross country running races. These are non-copyright pictures of Paula Radcliffe.

paula radcliffe

paula radcliffe2


Kami Semick excels in both road and trail running and is currently ranked as one of the best ultrarunners in the world at the 100K along with 50K and 50 mile distances. Kami heralds from the Pacific Northwest and became a competitive cross country runner whilst attending the University of Alabama. She won all six ultra races she ran in 2009.

Ann Trason holds the female Leadville 100 mile (LT100) record, 18:06:24, which she set in 1994. She has also set many other course records throughout her career including international and world events.


Lori Jones, more commonly known as Lolo Jones, is an American track and field athlete who specializes in the 60 and 100 meter hurdles. She won indoor national titles in 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the 60 m hurdles, with gold medals at the World Indoor Championship in 2008 and 2010. These are non-copyright pictures of Lolo Jones.

lolo jones1

lolo jones2


Gulnara Galkina-Samitova of Russia holds the official world record in the 3000m steeplechase of 8:58.81 set at the 2008 Olympics. She is the only woman to have run it under nine minutes.

Cross Country / Trails

Doris Brown – won the International Cross Country Championship for five consecutive years (1967–1971)

Zola Budd– young prodigy who twice won women’s World championship (1985–1986), known for running barefooted. These are non-copyright pictures of Zola Budd.

zola budd

zola budd1




Tirunesh Dibababa – won three times at the World long course and once at the short.

Lynn Jennings – won World title three times.

Edith Masai – won the World short race three times.

Deratu Tulu – won World titles three times in six years (1995, 1997, 2000).

Grete Waitz – first athlete to win five IAAF World Cross Country titles.

Gete Wami – won twice at the World long course and once at the short.



Masters Sprinters by Age http://www.world-masters-athletics.org/records/outdoor-women

Women Outdoor 100 m(Last update: 10 June 2012)
Age group Mark Name Country Age Meet Date Meet Location
W 35 10.74 Merlene Ottey JAM 36 09.09.96
W 40 11.09 Merlene Ottey SLO 44 03.08.04 Naimette-Xhovemont
W 45 11.34 Merlene Ottey SLO 47 12.08.08 Glasgow
W 50 11.67 Merlene Ottey SLO 50 13.07.10 Novo Mesto
W 55 13.30 Phil Raschker USA 55 10.08.02 Orono
W 60 13.75 Ingrid Meier GER 61 14.09.08 Aichach
W 65 14.10 Nadine O’Connor USA 65 30.06.07 San Marcos
W 70 14.76 Kathy Bergen USA 70 17.04.10 Walnut
W 75 15.91 Paula Schneiderhan GER 75 06.09.97 Emmendingen
W 80 18.42 Hanna Gelbrich GER 80 15.10.93 Miyazaki
W 85 19.83 Nora Wedemo SWE 86 21.08.99 Norrtälje
W 85 19.83 Mitsu Morita JPN 85 20.07.08 Isahaya City
W 90 23.18 Nora Wedemo SWE 90 09.08.03 Eksjö
W 95 35.48 Katsuko Iwaki JPN 95 03.10.10 Fukuroi City
English: Merlene Ottey during 2011 European Te...

Merlene Ottey 2011 European Team Championships

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