Endurance of our forerunners – “Pedestrianism”

Ever heard of 6 day foot races?

They were the most popular spectator sporting events of the late 1800’s.

Originally they were held as walking competitions with “fair heel and toe” style.

They soon developed into running with ” go as you please” style.

Distances covered by these outstanding athletes was 500 to 600 miles.

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Author Matthew Algeo tells a captivating and compelling true human story in his book titled, Pedestrianism, of the sport its racers and venues from humble beginnings in the 1860’s to its slow demise in the early 1900’s.

It covers the entire personality spectrum with staunch, venerable, amusing characters of both sexes and is not biased by class distinctions and ethnicity.

A highly readable book. Other recommended reading HERE.




Post Script: Some of the amazing feats described in “Pedestrianism” had already been accomplished in the early 1800’s by Captain Barclay, a Scotsman, and he is considered the “father of the modern sport of pedestrianism”. Read more about Captain Barclay Here.