Choosing a Shoe for Overweight Walkers & Joggers

Guest writer: Barbara Martinez

Which Shoe For Overweight Walkers & Joggers?

Walking or jogging is perhaps the most popular, natural, and stress-free way to keep yourself fit and healthy independent of body shape or size.

Sadly, overweight walkers and joggers find it challenging to choose the right shoe. That’s why we have researched the topic and talked with users to find out which shoe is their best choice.

Our research has found three shoes perfect for even the heaviest person. Read on. 

Why Do Overweight Walkers & Joggers Need Better Shoes?

Heavyweight people put extreme pressure through their feet when walking or jogging which leads to problems such as over-pronation (flat foot) or supination (high arch) knee/hip/back discomfort. Manufacturers have addressed these issues and built specialized shoes for overweight walkers and joggers offering corrective support with shock absorption. 

Our Top 3 Recommendations for Overweight Walkers & Joggers:

New Balance Men’s 990v4


  • Toe-box and heel has enhanced space to reduce foot pressure by evenly spreading the load.
  • Mid-foot is contoured to conform to your feet for a snug fit.
  • Arch support and cushioning ensure comfort.
  • Innovative design at minimal weight.
  • Unisex shoe.


  • Lacks water-resistance. 

Adidas Performance Duramo 7M


  • Multiple layers of cushioning with maximum arch support.
  • Flex groove of the Adiwear outsole for maximum mobility and motion comfort.
  • Feet stay cool due to mesh features for breathability.
  • Light weight, low-priced and plenty of color choices.


  • Sole traction.

Dr. Comfort Ranger Hiking Boot

A perfect solution for overweight people to walk and exercise in comfort.


  • Spacious toe-box and heel sections.
  • Gel insole to absorb shock better.
  • Footbed and heel cushioning.
  • Oil resistant rubber sole.
  • Outsole of premium leather construction and a lining to preserve seams.
  • Lightweight for a hiking boot.


  • The Velcro strap loses grip quite fast. 

Tips for Choosing Shoes for Overweight Walkers & Joggers.

  • Arch support to reduce foot pain and potential pain in legs, knees, hips and back.
  • Relaxed yet snug fit with sufficient space for toes and heel spread.
  • Sufficient cushioning for pressure protection and reduce shock loads.
  • Shoe construction to support over-pronators. 
  • Light weight.
  • Breathable.

Thank you to guest writer Barbara Martinez.