Calf Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain or Back Pain – Try SoleMate™ Comfort MicroLifts™

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I suffered tender, tight right calf muscles for many years. It never really stopped me from running, but was always tender, even to light massage touch. Any pressure on those muscles would soon have me yelping.

A four mile trail running race changed me from putting up with tight calf muscles to becoming proactive and seeking a solution after a debilitating injury. I had not warmed up prior to the event and during the early part of the race I was running faster than normal uphill. The excess load on my right calf muscles caused a painful and instantaneous pull on my Achilles tendon. The result was a very swollen Achilles for months before I could run naturally again.

Once rehabilitated, I sought out how to reduce the tenderness in my right calf muscles. My wife, being a physical therapist and massage practitioner, tried everything she knew up to that time to try and get any lessening of the calf’s tightness, but to no avail. Then she came across Prokinetics and their postural dynamic products and took a continuing education course for her PT license with Prokinetics organization.

  Using SoleMate™ Comfort MicroLifts™ to stand on, per instructions, the tension in my right calf muscles, hamstrings and IT band were instantly reduced – no yelping when the muscles were squeezed or strummed. I ended up fitting the self adhesive wedges under my insoles (mirror image compared to sticking directly onto skin) directly under and infront of the ball of the big toe in both of my road and trail running shoes. My running form improved, which translates into less effort and in 2011 I was able to run my fastest Rhody Run 12K race in the last 10 years – maybe because of SoleMate™ Comfort MicroLifts™?

Now after 18 months of regular road and trail running using SoleMate™ Comfort MicroLifts™ my right calf muscles are no longer tender nor excessively tight.

Check out Prokinetics SoleMate™ Comfort MicroLifts™ web site and see for yourself how you too can overcome painfully tender and tight muscles instantaneously.