BEETROOT and overuse injuries

BEETROOT is an acronym for overuse injury or repetitive stress syndrome and directs us to search for the root cause of injury and pain.

B – Biomechanics. Refers to compensation from various musculo-skeletal sources such as over-pronation.

E – Equipment. Incorrect footwear?

E – Environment. Excess hard surface running or sudden changes in running surface.

T – Training. Poorly planned programs. Too much too fast.

R – Recovery. Not enough recovery between longer or high intensity sessions.

O – Overreaching. Over training, over stressed or failed adaptation.

O – Older. Ageing athletes are more prone to overuse injuries due to accumulated degeneration.

T – Typicality. The need to do more than just running activity. Cross training is a must to reduce lower limb joint and muscle impact.

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