Barefoot-like, Altra Zero Drop Running Shoes.

Altra has developed a running shoe that is mid way between barefoot technology / five fingered toes and traditional running shoes.

The heel box is at the same level as the forefoot because the sole is level.

Traditional running shoes have a drop from the heel towards the toes, and heel cushion is roughly two times thicker than toe box cushion.

Altra’s new running shoes with their level sole, (heel and toe box cushion level is equal), are truly zero drop (from heel to toe).

The toe box is roomy allowing toes to spread and not be confined, as in separated toes or traditional running shoes.

The sole thickness and padding is ample to not feel every rough stone underfoot and stop sole slapping.

Altra makes road running shoes and trail running shoes in zero drop styles.

If you are not used to barefoot style running you’ll need to strengthen your calf muscles, Achilles tendon and ankles. The best way to do this is only go short distances for a couple of weeks whilst you wean yourself off traditional running shoes. Build distance in Altra Zero Drop shoes gradually thus allowing your lower legs and ankles to get use to the new style of running.

Watch the videos on Altra’s web site for description of zero drop and switching from traditional running shoes.

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