Austin, TX, Running Town Lake, Shoal Creek

On a recent visit to relatives in Austin,Tx I became accustomed to jogging Town Lake in the city center and a very pleasant trail called Shoal Creek from Town Lake to 38th St.

English: The Austin, Texas, United States.

Typical Town Lake Trail, Austin TX

Austin is a fun city where folks take their exercise regularly. Town Lake is highly scenic with grants for trail construction from Lady Bird Johnson. Many hundreds if not thousands can be seen daily jogging, walking, cycling the various loop trails.

There is a park where outdoor staged music is played, and you often jog past various “street” musicians snuggled trailside entertaining the sweating passersby.

Town Lake consists of East and West Lake loops. Road bridges with separated walkways allow joggers the safety of crossing from one side of the lake to the other. Most people seem to jog the city centered West loop as the East loop is significantly longer, quieter and breaks off from lakeside trail to pavement for a couple of miles.

English: Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas

Lady Bird/Town Lake in Austin, Texas

Town Lake has simple signs to let you know where you are, and a significant side trail heading away from the city center is Shoal Creek trail. I found this trail to be quite interesting with changes of foliage and shade from overhanging trees plus many changes of footing from pavement quality through to occasional rock hopping.

Shoal Creek also has designated areas as dog friendly where they can be unleashed and interact with each other. They do not bother passing joggers as they are more interested in frolicking with each other and catching up on all the latest smells.

All of these trails have occasional water fountains and can be done on foot or by bicycle.

Shoal Creek Living History Museum - 2012

Shoal Creek Living History Museum

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