45 Minutes Running Plan That’s Ideal for Weight Loss

You look around and see everyone discontent with their weight. You open a health journal, and the first thing you see is related to weight loss or obesity. You go to the gym and see people talking about weight loss, or you escape this all and try to entertain yourself with some YouTube videos, and next thing you know, you land on a weight loss routine. The fact that we are stuck in a bad and busy work routine says a lot about our health. Most of us are unable to eat on time, and others just binge eat any junk food that they get. All these things are a very crucial part of a bad lifestyle, and there is no doubt we are leading towards a better and progressive lifestyle, but our health span is reducing with every passing day. Our food portion for one meal is enough for the whole day, and everything we eat is deep-fried. We hardly drink enough water, and we believe in frozen fruits and vegetables rather than fresh fruits and vegetables.

With this being said, we all know how much we need to focus on our daily routines, especially if we want to lose weight. Just a few years ago, everyone was after quick-fixes, protein powders, calorie burners, and steroid-based metabolism fixers. However, more technology and fitness-based awareness are now more than ever. Everyone is now familiar with healthy ways of losing weight and the adverse effects of losing weight through shortcuts. Most people think diet is the only answer, and there is no doubt you need to take care of your diet, but if your think diet means starving yourself or relying on powdered nutrition, you might want to reconsider your options. If you only want to rely on diet, you will soon see side effects, i.e., dry skin, wrinkles, freckles, uneven skin tone, brittle nails, and dry hair. If you are ready for this, you can use a crash diet; however, if you don’t want to waste your time on these crash diets, you want to follow a healthy regime that can help you lose weight.

How Can Running Become A Game Changer?

If you are searching for exercises online, you might have come across a few. There are some exercises that are only for men; others are only for women, and some suit you only if you make losing weight your ambition and you will not have enough time for anything else. However, the safest option for losing weight so far is to start jogging or running. Now you might be thinking about how jogging can be helpful and why it is not helpful for all. To answer this, you need to understand a few basics about exercises. One of the very important things that you want to consider is the way exercises or workout plans are designed. You will find workout plans with the same few exercises, but some work best, others are not as effective as you might have planned them to be. So, what is the difference?

Well, the difference is the execution. Your workout plan is not just a simple plan that you want to follow blindly. You need to make sure your posture is right, you are breathing right, and you are not exerting too much energy at the start, etc. all these things are important and must be kept in mind, but for beginner, keeping in mind all these things can be quite daunting because note everyone is familiar with these tips. That’s where you want to ask for guidance from an expert. However, if you want to opt for jogging or to run, you don’t have to think too much. Once you start jogging regularly, you will build your stamina, you will also learn to breathe right, and there is no risk of injury or any side effects that you should be worried about. Also, you will be breathing fresh air and losing weight just as you go.

Design Your Own 45 Minutes Plan

If you want to start jogging, you should start by designing a plan that actually works. Now we know that only professionals can help you with that, but if you are good at research, you will know how much you should lose and how you can schedule your weight loss running schedule. Here are a few steps that can help with losing weight with your jogging or running plan.

·         Start by designing a schedule that works for you. It would help if you mentioned time, running course, and how you will measure the distance. Apart from this, you must also conduct research about the beginners’ plan for running and how many days you will be running in a week.

·         Divide your 45 minutes time into intervals and how many miles you want to run; this will helps you set a pace, and you will be able to divide time easily.

·         Set an aim according to the BMI. This will help you with determining the number of calories you need to burn, and you will be able to meet the pace as well.

·         Tracking your progress is very important, now we are not asking you to measure yourself every day and spend time on this, but we want you to make sure you are keeping track of you running in a journal and by the end of the week or even after 15 days you can weight yourself or see the progress. 

·         Improve your stamina and then add to your running regime. This is very important because when you start, you might feel like getting tired in just 30 minutes; however, as you progress, you will see that even after a whole hour, you still feel like running. Your pace will also improve with time, and we all know that running faster will help you burn more calories because you are exerting more energy in the process.

·         Eat healthily and a balanced diet because your diet intake helps in weight loss. Most people think they can eat as much as they want as long as they are running, and this will help them lose weight; however, this is not true. There are few things that are very important, and you must keep in mind if you eat too much, you will only be burning the calories that you are eating, and the fats that you already have will not burn. Our goal is to reduce the intake and exert more energy, so you end up burning the calories that are already stored.

·         Another important thing that you must keep in mind is to start with just a few days of running, and as you see progress, you can start running every day. Most people might not agree with this, but we have seen this work for almost everyone. This is a gradual increase phenomenon, and once you reach the six weeks and then a full week, you will be able to measure your progress as well.

Basic Running Plan for Everyone

For designing a running plan, you need to list three things on a piece of paper. You need first to mention the day, date, or your schedule, and then you can mention the miles that you will be running in 45 minutes. For the starter, we suggest you start with 3 miles and then progress to 5 or 6 miles in 45 minutes. As you know, the pace impacts the calorie burn out rate as well, so you will be burning just a few calories on the first day, and then it will double by the end of the month.

Guest Post by James Wilson, Born Tough | Elite Sports