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Olympic Discovery Trail – Olympic Adventure Trail – OAT Run 2

Trail: West End, Olympic Adventure Trail – OAT, Olympic Discovery Trail Adventure Route. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars. Date: 5/10/2015 Distance: 24 miles, out and back/return trip. Trailhead: 600 feet. Highpoint: 1300 feet approx. Elevation Gain: 700 feet approx. Trail Difficulty: Easy. Trail Notes: First 3 miles are flat on wide non-paved DNR road, then 1 mile up gradually […]


South Indian Island Trails – Jefferson County WA

These 3 wonderful trails have been my local “go to” running grounds for many years. The trails have been greatly improved over time and officially named Portage Trail, Lagoon Trail and Isthmus Trail. They parallel shorelines of Portage Canal and Oak Bay, generally facing South, and receive the warmth of sunshine. The area is also […]


Shin Splints – Lower Leg Pain.

A widely-used phrase describing lower-leg pain on either side of the tibia. It can be medial, lateral or both and is the bane of runners and other athletes who try to do too much before adaptation. Shin splints account for 13-17% of all running injuries and give general pain symptoms on the front of the […]