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Trail Run – Olympic National Park – Dosewallips Washed Out Road 2610

Trail: Road 2610 Dosewallips wash out to disused Dosewallips Ranger station. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Date: 2/23/2015 Distance: 11 miles, out and back/return trip. Trailhead: 700 feet. Highpoint: 1600 feet. Elevation Gain: 900 feet. Trail Difficulty: Easy. Trail Notes: A gentle incline with occasional undulations and only 1 semi steep section up to […]


BEETROOT and overuse injuries

BEETROOT is an acronym for overuse injury or repetitive stress syndrome and directs us to search for the root cause of injury and pain. B – Biomechanics. Refers to compensation from various musculo-skeletal sources such as over-pronation. E – Equipment. Incorrect footwear? E – Environment. Excess hard surface running or sudden changes in running surface. T – Training. Poorly […]


Live Strong, Live Long – Can exercise really help?

The following are key points taken from 2014 World Congress on “Exercise is Medicine”     Physical inactivity IS a health hazard.     Exercise prevents cardiovascular disease and Type II diabetes. A combination of resistance training and endurance cardio activity is more beneficial at improving insulin resistance in Type II diabetics than cardio  or […]