12 Amazingly Effective Last Minute Tricks To Get You Through The Marathon – Guest Post

I’m honored that a blogger has asked to put the following post on my website. It is supplied to www.irunningtips.com by Monica May from Fit Girl’s Diary. Please Enjoy Monica’s post as follows:

I bet this usually crosses your mind: Can running get easier?

Well, since I’ve been struggling to get to the finish line many times, I finally decided to take action.

I collected the absolute BEST running tips in order to make my next run easier.

I tested them on my last race and I realized how effective they actually are.

They are real golden tickets to the finish line since they’re used by many famous marathon runners.

I decided to finally pull back the curtains and share the best running tips to help you run a marathon easier and faster.

Let’s get started!

Tip 1 – Take a Cold Shower

This may not be my personal favorite, but it works so well for the pre-marathon warm up.

There’s nothing like a cold shower to shake you up and prepare you for the following race.

It doesn’t have to be ice cold, just make sure it’s a few degrees colder than your body temperature.

Tip 2 – Leave Out The Water Bottle

Have you seen famous runners run a marathon with a bottle of water? Me neither!

It’s much better to leave out the bottle because it puts pressure on whatever side of your body it’s weighing down, and that can mess up your balance.

So, hydrate well before the race and make sure you run hands free.


Tip 3 – Avoid Screens The Night Before The Marathon

There’s nothing that can ruin your sleep better than a late night screen session.

Staring at the screen on your smartphone or your tablet, just before you bed down, can definitely leave you struggling to fall asleep.

And that’s the last thing you need the night before your marathon.

Leave the late-night texting for another night and read a magazine or a book instead.

Tip 4 – Breathe Through Your Mouth

Many runners get confused when it comes to breathing, so because of that I decided to break down the mystery:

Make sure you exhale and inhale through your mouth.

This will help your whole body refill with oxygen faster, and that means that you will get through the run easier.

Tip 5 – Don’t Run In Brand New Shoes

This is something I wish you to never experience on a race day.

Yes, shoes are really important, but what’s much more important is keeping your feet pain free.

It’s best to run in your everyday running sneakers, and leave the experiments for another day.

Tip 6 – Wake Up 3 Hours Before The Race

Cutting an hour off your sleep won’t harm you, in other words it can help you in many ways.

Waking up at least 3 hours before your race, will give you time to have your breakfast (2 hours before the race), take a (cold) shower, warm up, and most important of all – it will give you time to wake your body up in the right way and get to the race on time.

Getting to the race stress free is really important. Don’t rush yourself.


Tip 7 – Use The Thoughts Replacement Strategy

Here’s a fact: Constantly thinking about something won’t make it disappear, it can only make it worse.

So when you start feeling exhausted and tired, try replacing your thoughts with something else.

For example, plan what you’re going to make for dinner, or even better, what kind of clothes you’re going to wear for your sister’s wedding. This may sound weird, but it works!

Tip 8 – Take a Shot Of Energy Gel

Energy gels help a lot when it comes to that last minute energy rush before the race.

They refill your whole body with fresh electrolytes and replace the glycogen you lose while running.

Just remember to take it at least 30 minutes before the marathon starts and always with a glass of water, in order to avoid bloating.

Tip 9 – Hit The Ground Landing on Your Forefoot

When it comes to the landing techniques, the most recommended one is to hit the ground with the forefoot.

This releases the stress from your knees and ankles, and most important of all it decreases your impact and speeds you up.

It also helps you keep the right leaning forward posture.

Just make sure you run on your forefoot, not on your toes.


Tip 10 – Don’t Run With Clenched Fists

Clenching your fists can tense your shoulders, leaving you with a tension through the whole body, and it takes away energy.

To avoid this, use the “egg holding technique”, in other words pretend you’re holding an egg in each palm.

Tip 11 – Run Tall

Posture is one really important fact, you’ve got to have that in mind on race day.

Running will feel easier if your back is straight, chest up, shoulders back and relaxed, and your posture tall.

The right body posture releases the pressure off your back, and allows your body to get more oxygen at the same time.

Tip 12 – Never Stop Running

It really doesn’t matter how fast you’re going so long as you keep going!

When you actually stop, it’s going to be twice as hard to get back on track.

So try to avoid complete stopping and try slowing down as much as you feel like instead.

Even a short rest can mess up your pace and make it even harder to get back running for the rest of the race.

It’s Your Turn Now!

Use at least one of these last minute running tricks on your next run and feel the difference!

And most important of all, don’t forget to share 🙂

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Monica’s 17 Last Minute Marathon Running Tips