About Running Tips & Martin

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About Running Tips

    • This website has been developed for you, the runner, whether you are a neophyte or an aging athlete (like me).
    • All the content is based on sound theories and practices of modern day running written from personal experience and based on scientific evaluation and findings.
    • This site is applicable to all runners, road or trail, wearing shoes or barefoot and aimed at keeping you injury free.
    • Each page of content is loaded with information and tips along with relevant video clips.
    • I use a foot care product  to minimize potential foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain.
    • I wear prescription glasses to see where I’m going.


Older Dog Reveals His Past

A mechanical engineer by training (so biomechanics came easily) I changed careers several times, most recently as a Massage Practitioner (understands muscles and skeletal systems) and currently a NASM Personal Trainer specializing in Corrective Exercises. One consistency throughout my life has been the joy of running for physical and mental well-being.


  • I never wanted to grow up or really act my age, but now as time marches on I want to help others stay young and for those who are young impart tips and tricks from this old dog. See Fitness Age and Younger Next Year posts.
  • I’ve made enough mistakes to learn from and hopefully save you too with the tips and tricks throughout this website. (Philosophy – knowledge can be learned but wisdom is acquired through long experience).
  • Originally from Grantham, UK and slightly rebellious in nature during those difficult late teen years, I got into running to escape occasional street gang fights and eluding the local bobbies trying to track down the misguided youth of a boringly quiet market town.
  • Running came fairly naturally being the sporty type of kid more-so than some of my cranially gifted classmates. However, there were obstacles to overcome, such as being the only boy in the rugby team who had to wear protective boots to support weak ankles during matches.
  • Not particularly competitive, I was in my school’s athletic team usually in distance and x-country events and have continued this outdoor trail trend throughout life.
Martin Musson
Claims to Fame
  • Youngest hovercraft designer/builder/driver – late 1960’s
  • 4th fastest freestyle swimmer in Lincolnshire – 1969-1970
  • Champion yard-of-ale contestant in less than 15 seconds without spilling a drop – early 1980’s
  • 1st place in successive Margarita contests for best flavor and most unusual blend – early 1990’s
  • 3rd place in age group Brownsville TX half marathon – 1992
  • 3rd place overall South Padre Island beach 10k – 1993
  • 1st place in over 100 year combined age pairs 5 hour orienteering event UK – 2003
  • 1st place in age group Deer Run on Indian Island WA – 2009
  • Completed 50 mile (80K) crossing of the Olympic Mountains South to North in 16 hours – 2011.
  • 1st place in age group Orcas Island 25K – 2012. Training schedule Click Here.
  • 1st place in age group Quilcene Half Marathon – 9/26/15
  • Can visualize 3D space and see the stars – especially after tripping over a wet root in the woods and bumping head.
  • Author and self-publisher. Click Here.
  • Oldest split-snowboarder to complete Mons Lyle Icefields tour & bag 3 peaks – April 2015.
  • 2017 Race To Alaska (R2AK.com) Grace B crew member. Successfully completed the 750 mile race in 18 days. (Sailing & rowing), 18th of 24 finishers.
  • 2019 Tacoma to Port Townsend (70/48.com). Designed and built a lightweight sliding seat rowing boat for open waters. Placed 24th overall, 3rd in class and completed the 70 mile distance under 18 hours.


  • Current – Running on roads, trails and mountain hiking trails (well, that’s what this is all about isn’t it), hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, splitboarding, x-country skiing, boatbuilding, rowing, sailing, rhyming poetry,  tooling around in a 1970 Mk3 Triumph Spitfire car and drinking craft beers (not when driving).
  • Past – rock and ice climbing/mountaineering, windsurfing, downhill skiing, road biking, mountain biking, fishing, water skiing/knee-boarding, canoeing/kayaking.
  • Other Daft Things: Hang-gliding, parachute jumping, bungee jumping, caving/spelunking, orienteering, motorcycle trails riding, building musical instruments – can’t play anything though or sing, definitely musically challenged, restoring old Triumph Spitfire.

Work (Well, gets in the way doesn’t it when you’ve got that many hobbies). I’m fully retired now, 40+ years of full-time work is enough for anybody isn’t it !!

  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Specialist in Corrective Exercises.
  • Coach/Trainer to walkers, joggers, runners for Performance Enhancement.

Likes Drinks and food after exertion.

Dislikes Aggression and long dreary winters.

Difficulties Musically challenged.

Favorite Book(s) True life adventure stories.

Favorite Music Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here” and “The Division Bell”.

Residence WA State USA.

Married to Ingrid my best friend and playmate for 37+ years and counting.

Kids Ex-fur children, 2 dogs and 1 cat now running free in Heavens above.

Goals To make you a better runner. And to continue physical health and fitness with a playful mind until the rot sets in.

Philosophy “It’s better to burn out than it is to rust” – Neil Young’s Live Rust album.

End Note Enjoy your walk/jog/run through the site, pick up some tips and tricks, watch the short videos and check out the advertisers for latest gear, info and nutrition. Read my e-book.