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Catagories:- Trail Runs, Pain Management, Runners Gear, Miscellaneous

Trail Runs:-

Barefoot in the Pentlands – Scotland

Royal Creek to Royal Lake – Olympic National Park

Deer Ridge 1 – Olympic National Park

Marmot Pass – Buckhorn Wilderness

Mt. Townsend – Olympic National Forest

San Juans, Cypress, Sucia, Jones, Stuart Islands

San Juans, Orcas Island

San Juans, Lopez Island

San Juan Island

Lillian Ridge, Grand Lake, Grand Pass – Olympic National Park

Austin, Texas – Town Lake, Shoal Creek

Deer Ridge 2 – Olympic National Park

50 Mile Traverse of Olympic National Park – North Fork Quinault, Low Divide, Elwha River Valley, Whiskey Bend Road

Mt. Walker – The Ultimate Challenge – Quilcene, WA

Dosewallips Washed Out Road to Dosewallips Ranger Station – Olympic National Park

Olympic Adventure Trail – OAT Run

Olympic Adventure Trail – West End – OAT Run 2

Dungeness Recreational Area, Clallam County WA

South Indian Island Trails – Jefferson County WA

50K Trails, Roads, Beaches – Fort to Fort, Quimper Peninsula WA

Jogging and Sailing South Puget Sound

Dungeness River, Royal Creek to Royal Lake – Olympic National Forest/Park

Crested Butte, Colorado – Trail Running

Quilcene, WA – Half Marathon – Road/Trail

Elwha/Hurricane Hill/Wolf Creek/Whisky Bend/Elwha – Loop Trail Run

Rogue River Trail – 40 Mile Trail Run in a Day

Mt. Angeles and Hurricane Hill Jog – Olympic National Park

Pain Management:-

BEETROOT and overuse injuries

Total Motion Release – Tight Hamstrings

Ease Muscle Pain – Cold Water Immersion

Calf Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Back Pain

Stretch Your Hamstrings, Without Stretching Your Hamstrings

Flat Feet Runner’s Syndrome

Schiff, Move Free, Total Joint Health

Knee Pain? – IT Band & VMO Patella Alignment

IT Band Pain – (IlioTibial Band, Lateral Thigh, Outer Thigh)

IT Band Stretch – Extreme

IT Band – Foam Rolling

Plantar Fasciitis and Treatments

Run Pain Free – Run For Your Life

Inguinal Ligament zone Pain – often signifies hip joint issue – not posted yet

Shin Splints – Lower Leg Pain

Muscle Tears and Micro-Tears

Sprained Ankle

Achilles Tendon Injury – Trail Run, Racing


Runners Gear

MBT’s – Masai Barefoot Technology

Barefoot-Like, Altra Zero Drop Running Shoes

Running in the Dark – Jogging by Lights

What To Wear To Run Comfortably In Any Temperatures

Christmas Presents for Runners

Pyle – GPS Heart Monitor

Running Shoe or Minimalist Shoe

Trail Shoe Review – New Balance MT10v3

Nature’s Gym

How to Choose Barefoot Minimalist Running Shoes

Determine Your Foot Type Before Choosing Running Shoes

Running With Prescription Glasses or Contact Lenses or Natural Vision

Miscellaneous – in alphabetic order

12 Amazingly Effective Last Minute Tricks To Get You Through The Marathon.

Bonk or Hitting the Wall

Calories Burned by Popular Exercises

Chia Bars – Super Energy

Cross Training

Endurance of our Forerunners – “Pedestrianism”

Female Runners – Notable Achievements

Fitness Age – What is it

Gait Analysis

Heart Health Benefits of Running

How To Properly Run With Weights

How To Recover After Running A Marathon.

Inspiration – Human Spirit – Anyone Can Run

Interval Training – Improve General and Race Performance

Joss Naylor Challenge – The Lake District, UK

Live Strong, Live Long – Can exercise really help?

Mo Farah, Mobot Man

Oprah Winfrey – Marathon Runner

Prosthetic Runners

Rhody Run’s Fastest Female and Author

Run Learn Have Sex = Increased Brain Cells

Running Adventures – Trying New Trails and Routes

Running with Feldenkrais

Running Jokes

Seven Hills Running Shop – Seattle

Tips To Increase A Runner’s Cadence

Too Much Water Intake – Danger

Victoria Marathon and Half Marathon

Weight Loss by Running and Exercise

Younger Next Year

10+ Provocative Running Tips

2012 – Poem at the Fisher Poets Gathering – Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival