Heart Health Benefits of Running



Guest Post

Running is one of the most popular athletic activities for both fitness and fun. Although it can be challenging and exhausting, men and women run every day for a variety of reasons. Some of the most important benefits from the sport are health-related. Improving heart health is one of the biggest motivators for people who choose to start running. Many people also begin a training program to lose weight and better their mental health.

When people discover that they have a heart health issue such as high blood pressure, doctors often recommend running to help correct it. The activity makes one’s arteries expand and contract which keeps them elastic and lowers blood pressure. Running is most effective in creating this result when exercise is consistent from day to day. To ensure positive results, training should be built up gradually depending on an individual’s fitness level. Blood pressure can be lowered in as little as few weeks through running when a consistent routine is kept. An individual’s pulse will also become lower as they begin to run more. Many people prefer running over medications to treat their heart issues because it is a natural way to become healthier.

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